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A cerclage is a method to prevent an unwanted opening of the cervix. With surgical cerclage a rubber band is fixed to the uterus under general anesthesia. With conservative cerclage treatment, a ring of silicone or rubber is simply pushed on the cervix and an operation is avoided. Reason for the opening of the cervix may be weak tissue or multiples births.

Descensus Uteri

With descensus uteri (prolapse of the uterus) a change in position of the uterus is meant. Due to a weakness of the attachment apparatus of the womb (uterus) descends downwards due to gravity. In addition, also bladder and bowel ca protrude into the vagina (cystocele or rectocele).

A predisposition to a pelvic floor weakness is very common. With influence of gravity, strong strain such as births and hormonal influences descent of the uterus usually occurs after menopause.


The term prolapse refers to the unnatural occurrence of an organ through an existing opening. The uterine prolaps describes the uterus slipped through the vagina and beeing pushed through the birth canal until exiting on the outside. The uterine prolapse represents an extreme form of uterine descent, caused by a failure of the holding bands.


Medical term (lat. Urethra).


The cervix refers to the lower part of the uterus containing the vaginal opening and is the connection from uterus to vagina. Normally the opening is narrow to prevent bacteria from getting into the uterus. When pregnant the cervix softens under hormonal influence and opens at birth when in labor. Cervical insufficiency refers to an opening of the cervix when not in labor.