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Pessary Therapy

successful against descensus and incontinence

The pessary therapy in prolapse of the uterus and urinary incontinence is better than its reputation. 

The times in which pessaries smelled fluorine or triggered infections have passed. The old method of treatment has returned with modern, more comfortable pessary types from specially developed silicone.

Contributing to this renaissance is the dismal track record in the descent and incontinence surgery. Long-term results are not nearly as good, as the majority of operators expected.

The pessary therapy today is a medically accepted, minimally invasive, inexpensive and effective therapy.

Different pessary types have proven successful in the treatment of urinary incontinence and descent. An overview of these pessaries and information can be found on the following pages.

Indication and pessary type

Depending on medical indication a special pessary type suits best.

Pessary Type Indication
Cerclage Pessary For the relief and sacral orientation of the cervix of pregnant women (e.g. prophylaxis for preterm birth or multiple births).
Ring Pessary For stress incontinence or slight descensus complaints.
Sieve Pessary For stress incontinence or slight descensus complaints
Club Pessary For vaginal and uterine prolapse, if normal pessaries would not withstand the pressure.
Urethra Pessary For stress incontinence or mixed forms of stress and urge incontinence.
Cube Pessary For stress incontinence or various degrees of vagina and uterus prolapse.

Pessaries are accepted prescribable tools, typically available to patients by claim against their health insurance, that are inserted into the vagina.  It is important women after or during menopause use hormone vaginal cream regularly, lest it comes to pressure points.

Furthermore, the success of a pessary therapy relies on regular change and a proper adjustment decisive: in principle, the pessary with the smallest size that holds should be used.

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