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Cleaning, Care and Tipps

some helpful tipps for every day

Here we collect useful tipps and hints for handling and working with pessaries. You got a hint missing here? Contact us!


Guarantee and Durability
As a product of highest quality made in Germany there is a 2 year warranty. Defective products will be replaced without delay.

Based on medical use and varying effects of the vaginal climate such a long use is discouraged though. If the pessary shows discoloration, it should be replaced for health reasons.

Metal Spring
The Cramer, Urethra and Ring pessary (thin) include a metal spring for stabilization. This metal can obscure medical examinations like an x-ray scan in this area.

Metal detectors at airports for example can respond to the metal in these three pessary types. To prevent unpleasent mishappenings try to bring documentary evidence of the medical application or waive that day on the application.