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Ladysoft Lubricant

Ladysoft Lubricant
Ladysoft Lubricant

Approximately one third of all women suffer from lack of moisture at the vaginal area. For many couples, this means unpleasant feelings and pain during intercourse. The use of vaseline or baby oil does not improve the situation in most cases. Ladysoft brings effective and completely safe relief. Recommended by experienced gynecologists, Ladysoft lubricant is a fat-free lubricativum that can be used safely for long periods of time.



Ladysoft Lubricant does not interfere with the hormonal balance and is especially gentle on the skin, because it is not greasy and it does not adhere to the mucous membrane, like other lotions, causing skin irritations
Ladysoft lubricant leaves no spots and does not attack the sensitive material condoms are made from. Ladysoft is free of side effects, completely fat free and contains only very small amounts of potassium sorbate as a preservative. This also very delicate and sensitive women can use it as a lubricant.

Ladysoft has a good sprite behavior that spreads very easily and is adjusted to the vaginas pH. Good skin contact is guaranteed.

Ladysoft lubricant is a very pleasant water-based lubricant. Economic in use, without chemical preservatives and an optimally adjusted pH of 3,7-4,1.


The application is very simple: wet vagina and labia before sexual intercourse with Ladysoft Lubricant. If using a condom that can also be moistened with Ladysoft.

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Aqua purificata, glycerin, soft-lys, hypoallergenic lubricans, potassium sorbate, heliotropi