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Cerclage Pessary

Cerclage Pessary
Cerclage Pessary

Among the possible causes of a premature birth is the so-called cervical insufficiency: The cervix is shortened and opens prematurely. Most often this occurs between the 4th and 6th month of pregnancy and can have various causes. Sometimes it is a consequence of a previous difficult birth or an abortion. Similarly, infections or uterine surgery can cause cervical insufficiency. Another possible reason is multiple birth pregnancies, which often cause a stretching of the cervix, too.


For the relief and sacral orientation of the cervix of pregnant women (e.g. prophylaxis for preterm birth or multiple births). Indication by vaginal sonography through the cervix. It must be made sure that there is no infection before application! Drainage for secretion through perforation.


The surgical cerclage is the classic way to prevent cervical incompetence, and thus a late abortion or premature birth. In many cases a comparable effect can be achieved without surgery: using medesign cerclage pessaries. The therapy with pessaries today is safe in every respect, and after more than 10 years of experience worldwide widely considered as an alternative to surgery. For both methods, the success rate is 80-90%.

Cerclage pessaries sit firmly once inserted, thanks to bowl shape and height dimensions of 17, 21 and 25 mm. Cerclage pessaries are inserted according to the clinical findings, such as from the 16th week. Depending on the bacteriological fluoride finding a replacement or cleaning is needed.

Available Sizes

Product Size (mm) Content Product Number PZN Germany EAN-Code
Cerclage Pessary 32/65/17 1 pcs MED1000084 7439087 4250201201058
Cerclage Pessary 32/65/21 1 pcs MED1000050 7439101 4250201201065
Cerclage Pessary 32/65/25 1 pcs MED1000086 7439124 4250201201072
Cerclage Pessary 32/70/17 1 pcs MED1000087 7439153 4250201201089
Cerclage Pessary 32/70/21 1 pcs MED1000088 7439176 4250201201096
Cerclage Pessary 32/70/25 1 pcs MED1000989 7439236 4250201201102
Cerclage Pessary 35/65/17 1 pcs MED1000090 7439182 4250201201119
Cerclage Pessary 35/65/21 1 pcs MED1000091 7439199 4250201201126
Cerclage Pessary 35/65/25 1 pcs MED1000092 7439213 4250201201133
Cerclage Pessary 35/65/30 1 pcs MED1000093 7439147 4250201201140
Cerclage Pessary 35/70/17 1 pcs MED1000094 7439093 4250201201157
Cerclage Pessary 35/70/21 1 pcs MED1000095 7439118 4250201201164
Cerclage Pessary 35/70/25 1 pcs MED1000096 7439130 4250201201171
Material Medical Silicone - Silcopure blue
Classification Medical Product IIb


Your doctor will begin with an ultrasonic vaginal examination (supine or standing) whether the cervical os is opened or shortened overall. He will also check if there is an infection.

The pessary with the correct size is inserted with the curve upward. Thus, the larger diameter can support the cervix by resting on the sacrum and / or the pelvic floor muscles. The pessary is placed so that the cervix is located in the top ring diameter. A slight swelling (edema) of the cervix may be a desired effect. Possible descensus complaints are resolved immediately after the insertion. If the pessary is inserted with the rim down, it can not provide its supporting effect in an optimal way.

Further Information

Dimensions given in the table refer to inner diameter, outer diameter and height of the Pessary.


Contents of delivery:

  • 1 Pessary with manual
  • 1 Ladysoft Lubricant 30ml with manual