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Club Pessary

Club Pessary
Club Pessary

A descent of the pelvic floor or prolapse occurs when when organs leave their accustomed place. Normally, the uterus and vagina are attached by connective tissue tape-style and  by a strong shell around the vaginal wall at the bony pelvis. With a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles, connective tissue structures give way, so the vagina falls down. The position of bladder and rectum can be affected. About one in three women over 45 years suffer from a more or less severe form of such a genital prolapse. A conventional method of treatment with pessaries (selected by the physician) can resolve many of the symptoms.


For vaginal and uterine prolapse, if normal pessaries would not withstand the pressure. Before the application a reposition of prolapsed organs is necessary.


The medesign club pessary made of a specific medical silicone has been developed for handling large prolapse and is already used successfully for years. With the handle preventing tilting and slipping out it provides a better grip.

After about three weeks a smaller club pessary should be used, as the lower vaginal tissue shrinks quite quickly. Often, the pessary can be replaced by a cube after several weeks. The handling of the club-pessary for insertion and removal is more difficult than any other pessaries.

Available Sizes

Product Size Content Product Number PZN Germany EAN-Code
Club Pessary 50 mm 1 pcs MED1000118 7275585 4250201202218
Club Pessary 55 mm 1 pcs MED1000119 7275579 4250201201225
Club Pessary 60 mm 1 pcs MED1000120 7275562 4250201201232
Club Pessary 65 mm 1 pcs MED1000121 7275556 4250201201249
Club Pessary 70 mm 1 pcs MED1000122 7275533 4250201201256
Club Pessary 75 mm 1 pcs MED1000123 7275473 4250201201263
Club Pessary 80 mm 1 pcs MED1000124 7275467 4250201201270
Club Pessary 85 mm 1 pcs MED1000125 7275450 4250201201287
Club Pessary 90 mm 1 pcs MED1000433 7275444 4250201201394
Material Medical Silicone - Silcopure blue
Classification Medical Product IIb


When inserting in angular diameter the pessary, coated with Ladysoft lubricant, is held with the right hand and pressed gently backward and downward into the vagina, following the least resistance and preserving the delicate bulge of the urethra. If the ring passed the urethra, it is turned into frontal position and pushed to the top as far as possible. The tip of the club is still visible sometimes.

The even more subtle procedure of removal is as follows: wet the vaginal area and the edge of the pessary well with Ladysoft lubricant. Then the handle of the club pessary is pulled in the vaginal axis up to the stop through the symphysis. The prolapsed anterior vaginal wall often will form a finger thick roll as an obstacle. Using the free hand, this bulge is slowly pushed around the outer edge of the pessary.

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  • 1 Pessary with manual
  • 1 Ladysoft Lubricant 30ml with manual