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Cube Pessary

Cube Pessary
Cube Pessary

Through the evolution of the upright gait of man's pelvic floor is exposed to the effects of gravity, womens pelvic floor in particular. Therefore, genital descensus is one of the most common diseases in gynecology.

The likelihood of developing a so-called genital descensus increases with age. Factors such as lack of female hormones, obesity, heavy physical work, eating habits, genetic tissue weakness increase the risk.


For stress incontinence or various degrees of vagina and uterus prolapse. Due to the suction effect oft the concave surface, the pessary holds firmly, even in severe descent or low stability of the pelvic floor.


The conservative treatments of genital descensus on outpatient basis include hormone therapy, pelvic floor exercises, electrical stimulation and the use of pessaries.

Up to date, the therapy using cube pessaries is unsurpassed, especially in the self-treatment. Due to its good adhesion and its very simple application cube pessaries are suitable for most forms of female genital prolapse.

The medesign Cube Pessary fitting kit allows determination of pessary size in the doctor's office and includes the sizes 1, 2 3 and 4.

Available Sizes

Product Size Content Product Number PZN Germany EAN-Code
Cube Pessary Gr. 0 / 25mm 1 Stk MED1000078 7286330 4250201201713
Cube Pessary Gr. 1 / 29mm 1 Stk MED1000079 7286324 4250201201720
Cube Pessary Gr. 2 / 32mm 1 Stk MED1000080 7286301 4250201201737
Cube Pessary Gr. 3 / 37mm 1 Stk MED1000081 7286258 4250201201744
Cube Pessary Gr. 4 / 41mm 1 Stk MED1000082 7286181 4250201201751
Cube Pessary Gr. 5 / 45mm 1 Stk MED1000083 7286169 4250201201768
Cube Pessary Fitting-Set Gr.1,2,3,4 1 Set MED1000487 1338008 4250201201874
Material Medical Silicone - Silcopure transparent
Classification Medical Product IIb


Cube pessaries by medesign are inserted in the morning and removed in the evening by the patient himself. The cubes are small compared to ring pessaries and can easily be inserted by the patient and removed using the attached thread. The nightly relief of pelvic tissue represents a significant advantage over all other pessary types.

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Contents of delivery:

  • 1 Pessary with manual
  • 1 Ladysoft Lubricant 30ml with manual