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Cube Pessary Tandem

Cube Pessary Tandem
Cube Pessary Tandem

Through the evolution of the upright gait of man's pelvic floor is exposed to the effects of gravity, womens pelvic floor in particular. Therefore, genital descensus is one of the most common diseases in gynecology.

The likelihood of developing a so-called Genitaldeszensus increases with age. Factors such as lack of female hormones, obesity, heavy physical work, eating habits, genetic tissue weakness increase the risk.


In cases of extreme vagina and uterus prolapse. The tandem pessary consists of two adjacent coupled cube pessaries. The concave surface provides a good adhesion, so the pessary stays in place because of the suction effect, even with severe prolapse or very low stability of the pelvic floor.


The medesign cube pessary tandem is suitable for treating extreme vaginal and uterus prolapse. It consists of two adjacent coupled cube Pessaries. The concave surfaces provides excellent adhesion. The cube pessary tandem may also be used for treating stress incontinence. In this case the lower cube provides the supporting function of the urethra and the upper cube guarantees the adhesion. Perforation facilitates easy change of the pessary and the drainage of secretion.

The nightly relief of pelvic tissue represents a significant advantage over all other pessary types.

Available Sizes

Product Size Content Product Number PZN Germany EAN-Code
Cube Pessary Tandem 1-0 / 29-25mm 1 pcs MED1001071 4655577 4250201201881
Cube Pessary Tandem 2-1 / 32-29mm 1 pcs MED1001070 4655583 4250201201898
Cube Pessary Tandem 3-2 / 37-32mm 1 pcs MED1001069 4655608 4250201201904
Cube Pessary Tandem 4-3 / 41-37mm 1 pcs MED1001068 4655614 4250201201911
Cube Pessary Tandem 5-4 / 45-41mm 1 pcs MED1001067 4655629 4250201201928
Cube Pessary Tandem 6-5 / 55-45mm 1 pcs MED1001094 4013258 4250201201935
Cube Pessary Tandem 0-0 / 25-25mm 1 pcs MED1001634 6127090 4250201207227
Cube Pessary Tandem 1-1 / 29-29mm 1 pcs MED1001635 6127109 4250201207234
Cube Pessary Tandem 2-2 / 32-32mm 1 pcs MED1001636 6127121 4250201207241
Cube Pessary Tandem 3-3 / 37-37mm 1 pcs MED1001637 6127138 4250201207258
Cube Pessary Tandem 4-4 / 41-41mm 1 pcs MED1001638 6127144 4250201207265
Cube Pessary Tandem 5-5 / 45-45mm 1 pcs MED1001639 6127150 4250201207272
Cube Pessary Tandem 0-1 / 25-29mm 1 pcs MED1001654 6499236 4250201207401
Cube Pessary Tandem 1-2 / 29-32mm 1 pcs MED1001655 6499242 4250201207418
Cube Pessary Tandem 2-3 / 32-37mm 1 pcs MED1001656 6499259 4250201207425
Cube Pessary Tandem 3-4 / 37-41mm 1 pcs MED1001657 6499265 4250201207432
Cube Pessary Tandem 4-5 / 41-45mm 1 pcs MED1001658 6499271 4250201207449
Cube Pessary Tandem 5-6 / 45-55mm 1 pcs MED1001659 6499288 4250201207456
Material Medical Silicone - Silcopure transparent
Classification Medical Product IIb


Cube pessaries by medesign are inserted in the morning and removed in the evening by the patient himself. The cubes are small compared to ring pessaries and can easily be inserted by the patient and removed using the attached thread.

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Contents of delivery

  • 1 Pessary with manual
  • 1 Ladysoft Lubricant 30ml with manual