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Sieve Cup Pessary EF

Sieve Cup EF
Sieve Cup EF

A descensus of uteros and vagina refers to the change in position of these organs. This can occur during menopause because the pelvic muscles and ligaments get weaker, which anchor the uterus and vagina in the abdomen. If the descent excesses a certain degree it can lead to symptoms such as pressure feeling, back pain or problems with urination or defecation.

Other risk factors for uterine or vaginal descensus are connective tissue and muscle weakness or previous complicated births and being overweight.


For stress incontinence or slight descensus complaints. An (at least diminished) viable pelvic floor is required. Perforation facilitates the runoff of fluid.


The medesign sieve cup pessary supports in case of slight vaginal and uterus prolapse and is easy to use. Due to the smooth silicone, it is easily foldable and thus easy to introduce and remove. As with the ring pessary the sieve cup pessary can be easily fitted into the desired position. The medesign sieve cup pessary can also be used upside down.

The medesign pessary fitting kit allows determination of pessary size in the doctor's office and includes the sizes 65, 70, 75 and 80 mm.

Available Sizes

Product Size Content Product Number PZN Germany EAN-Code
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 50 mm 1 pcs MED1001536 7324237 4250201202895
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 55 mm 1 pcs MED1000537 7324119 4250201202901
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 60 mm 1 pcs MED1000538 7324125 4250201202918
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 65 mm 1 pcs MED1000539 7324131 4250201202925
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 70 mm 1 pcs MED1000540 7324148 4250201202932
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 75 mm 1 pcs MED1000541 7324254 4250201202949
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 80 mm 1 pcs MED1000542 7324160 4250201202956
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 85 mm 1 pcs MED1000543 7324177 4250201202963
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 90 mm 1 pcs MED1000544 7324183 4250201202970
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 95 mm 1 pcs MED1001545 7324214 4250201202987
Sieve Cup Pessary EF 100 mm 1 pcs MED1001546 7324220 4250201202994
Material Medical Silicone - Silcopure blue
Classification Medical Product IIb


Before you begin with the application of the pessary, you should wash your hands. Placing the pessary can be much easier if a lubricant for insertion is used, for example Ladysoft or another oestrogen containing cream. Insert the pessary into the position as advised by your doctor. Make sure that you insert the folded ring first to the posterior vaginal vault. Then simply push up and forward. If the sieve cup pessary is not properly placed, it can not provide any support and will slide out under load.

Further Information

Contents of delivery

  • 1 Pessary with manual
  • 1 Ladysoft Lubricant 30ml with manual