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Urethra Cup Pessary

Urethra Sieve Pessary
Urethra Sieve Pessary

If the ligaments holding the uterus  and the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to hold the uterus in its position, there is a prolapse of the uterus.

Cause of the weakness of the pelvic floor can be rapid birth order, very severe or multiple child births. The uterus and other organs in the pelvis are not kept in their proper position. The descent of the uterus is also frequently associated with urinary incontinence.



For stress incontinence or mixed forms of stress and urge incontinence. A viable pelvic floor is required. It is advisable that there has been no operation before. The dome shifts the transition of the bladder to the urethra and prevents an opening if the upper urethra under stressful situations.


The medesign Urethra Cup Pessary is a combination of a cerclage pessary with an adequately formed calotte to be placed below the urethra. The thickening at the top of the supports the urethra during pressing and deeply coughing and improves its sealing function.

Its robust body is superior to the 'sensitive' urethra pessary with stronger descensus. The patient is advised however to remove the urethra cup pessary in the evening. The pressure load on the tissue is much lower because of the greater contact surface.

Available Sizes

Product Size Content Product Number PZN Germany EAN-Code
Urethra Cup Pessary 55 mm 1 pcs MED1000071 7279933 4250201201638
Urethra Cup Pessary 60 mm 1 pcs MED1000072 7279927 4250201201645
Urethra Cup Pessary 65 mm 1 pcs MED1000073 7279910 4250201201652
Urethra Cup Pessary 70 mm 1 pcs MED1000074 7279904 4250201201669
Urethra Cup Pessary 75 mm 1 pcs MED1000075 7279896 4250201201676
Urethra Cup Pessary 80 mm 1 pcs MED1000976 7279873 4250201201683
Urethra Cup Pessary 85 mm 1 pcs MED1000077 7279867 4250201201690
Urethra Cup Pessary Fitting Set 65,70, 75,80 mm 1 Set MED10000488 1851214 4250201706621
Material Medical Silicone - Silcopure blue with steel spring
Classification Medical Product IIb


Before you begin with the application of the pessary, you should wash your hands. Placing the pessary can be much easier if a lubricant for insertion is used, for example Ladysoft or another oestrogen containing cream. Insert the pessary with the rim down into the position as advised by your doctor. Pay attention to the exact location of the dome under the urethra. The pessary is seated properly when it does not pinch.

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  • 1 Pessary with manual
  • 1 Ladysoft Lubricant with manual