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Cerclage Pessary Hamann & Jorde

Cerclage Pessary Hamann & Jorde
Cerclage Pessary Hamann&Jorde

Among the possible causes of a premature birth is the so-called cervical insufficiency: The cervix is shortened and opens prematurely. Most often this occurs between the 4th and 6th month of pregnancy and can have various causes. Sometimes it is a consequence of a previous difficult birth or an abortion. Similarly, infections or uterine surgery can cause cervical insufficiency. Another possible reason is multiple birth pregnancies, which often cause a stretching of the cervix, too.


Cerclage pessaries facilitate the prevention of cervical insufficiency and thus a prevent a late abortion or premature birth without surgery. Significant advantages for obstetric practice offers the cerclage pessary patented according to Dr. Hamann and Dr. Jorde for prevention and treatment of imminent premature birth. Within the sense of 'bloodless cerclage', the cerclage pessary absorbs the pressure directed on the cervix.


  • The cerclage and pessary seals the cervical canal like a ribbon ('bloodless cerclage')
  • an offset hole in the pessary accomodates the cervix uteri, and pushes it backward (sacralization of the cervix)
  • the cervix is relieved by broad support of the pessary on the pelvic floor
  • relocation of intrauterine pressure on the front wall of the uterus due dorsoventral angular pessary position and sacralization of the cervix uteri
  • the medesign cerclage pessary support automatically supports formation or reformation of the shortened and partially open cervix
  • protection of the lower pole of the egg by the totality of effects

Available Sizes

Product Size Content Product Number PZN Germany EAN-Code
Cerclage Pessary H&J Sz.I - Ø 30mm 59/57/14mm 1 pcs MED1000097 7731190 4250201201188
Cerclage Pessary H&J Sz.II Ø 35mm 76/70/14mm 1 pcs MED1000098 7731209 4250201201195
Cerclage Pessary H&J Sz.III Ø 35mm 83/80/14mm 1 pcs MED1000099 7731215 4250201201201
Material Medical Silicone - Silcopure blue
Classification Medical Product IIb

Further Information

Size given in tablerefers to diameter, length, width and height of pessary.

Contents of delivery

  • 1 Pessar with manual
  • 1 Ladysoft Lubricant 30ml with manual